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Manufacturing at Miwa Works

Our Basic Attitude for Production

Since our foundation in 1975, as a manufacturer for creating a clean atmosphere, we have been working with people from all sectors such as displays, semiconductors, electronics, electricity, metals, machinery, automobiles, chemicals, foods, medicines, nuclear power, aerospace, We have developed under the support of universities and laboratories. In the 21st century we will respond to the evolution of our unique technological capabilities and the demand of cutting-edge development users by embodying new user needs as leading suppliers of advanced development equipment such as glove boxes, gas circulation refineries and electric furnaces We will strive to make an effort.

The depth of specialist expertise and experience within the company has been instrumental in researching, developing, designing, producing and marketing a variety of manufacturing systems and testing devices.
In “a clean atmosphere” now required, laborsaving and efficiency are realized in a concrete form.

What is a "glove-box"?

A glove-box is a device for manipulating objects in an inert gas atmosphere by way of rubber gloves that are hermetically attached to the box. It is designed and built for replacing gases and controlling gas flow, thus providing a controlled environment in which the manipulated objects are protected against oxygen, moisture and other reactive elements that have an adverse effect on characteristics. A glove-box is ultimately an integral piece of equipment for improving product performance and doubly beneficial to product development operations by safeguarding users against harmful substance.

Why you should choose Miwa

Full service provider

Miwa is a full service provider capable of designing, manufacturing and maintaining glove-boxes, gas recycle and purification systems, and other niche products.

1. Consultation & Design

First things first, we listen to the customer’s woes and wants, then propose and design the best equipment solutions for getting them where they need to be. Our products are order-made with tailored dimensions, options and other features that serve the customer’s intended use and purpose. And, if your product requires new technologies, talk to Miwa because we are absolutely committed to fully meeting customer demands in terms of specifications, price and delivery.

2. Manufacturing

Extensive experience and sound engineering skills honed over time are the basis for making and delivering high quality products at Miwa.

3. Maintenance

So that customers can safely use our products long after delivery, Miwa offers expert maintenance support. If you want to relocate, remodel or couple your Miwa unit to other equipment, consult with Miwa.

Products sold nation-wide

Since our founding in 1975, we have done steady business with universities, governmental agencies and private sector companies all over Japan. The rich experience and track record we have gained from that underscore the high quality products and services that come from Miwa.

Team-driven R&D

Miwa accurately meets market needs for diversified, one-off and advanced products by placing teams in charge of research, development and engineering for small lot production. Moreover, every effort is made to absorb new technologies and build a workforce that is versed in a wide range of fields. Within Miwa’s walls, years of know-how, flexible thinking and new technologies set the stage for providing top class devices and systems.

  • Lamp development and production
  • Battery (Lithium, fuel cell and solar) development and production
  • Super capacitor production
  • O(P)LED related
  • Organic synthesis
  • Nanotechnology
  • Nuclear related
  • Pharmaceuticals (Bulk powder engineering, explosion-proofing, sterilization, clean applications)
  • Semiconductors

It is used for various purposes.

As an environment-friendly factory

At Miwa, compliance underscores our desire to harmoniously coexist with hosting communities and the global environment. It duly serves as a guiding light for reducing the environmental load and enhancing the efficiency of our business operations through activities aimed at minimizing consumption (resources, energy, etc.) and emissions at every point of our production process. Also, as our part in the fight against climate change, we are taking constructive steps to develop environment-friendly manufacturing processes and products that conserve energy and resources, and reduce the CO₂ emissions that are tied to energy consumption. With regards to waste, we are always looking for ways to improve processes and are carefully sorting discarded materials from a 3R (Reduce-Reuse-Recycle) perspective that is helping us to increase resource recycling rate and reduce waste. On the issue of hazardous materials, we have equipment and measures in place to prevent the release of hexavalent chromium, PBB, PBDE, lead, mercury and cadmium, are using CFC alternatives, and have made health and safety the top priority of our risk management practices.

* Some exceptions apply when suppliers cannot provide preferred alternatives, etc.
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