• Moisture meterMoisture meter

    Moisture meter

    Measures the dew point inside the glove box. Measurement indication range … +20 ~ -110°C , 0 ~ -100°C

  • Oxygen analyzerOxygen analyzer

    Oxygen analyzer

    Measures the oxygen concentration inside the glove box. Measurement indication … 0-5/50/500 ppm , 0 ~ 20% (Selectable range)

  • Electric current application terminalsElectric current application terminals

    Electric current application terminals

    D-Sub, LAN, USB, etc.
    Feed-through type

  • Side boxSide box

    Side box

    Enables quick specimen loading/unloading.

  • ShelfShelf


    Enables effective use of the limited space inside the glove box.
    Easy to install by mounting the hook plates on the back wall.
    The hook plates have multiple slots so that the shelves can be freely positioned to purpose and use.

  • Additional flange<br> (All-flange front)Additional flange
    (All-flange front)

    Additional flange
    (All-flange front)

    Facilitates access to all parts of the glove box. Can be used to expand the system.

  • Hot plateHot plate

    Hot plate

    Used to dry specimens when loading them into the glove box. Room temp. ~ Max. 200°C (Al, Cu); 200°C and above (SUS)

  • Side box electric drying heaterSide box electric drying heater

    Side box electric drying heater

    Heats the entire side box. 180 ~ Max. 1,000°C

  • Cooling plateCooling plate

    Cooling plate

    Keeps the surface between -20 ~ -30°C, using a Peltier element.

  • RefrigeratorRefrigerator


    Can be installed inside the glove box.
    Temperature range: -20 ~ -35°C

  • All-glass upward-opening doorAll-glass upward-opening door

    All-glass upward-opening door

    Convenient for frequently loading/unloading large specimens.

  • Explosion-proof structure<br>(Deionizer sold separately)Explosion-proof structure
    (Deionizer sold separately)

    Explosion-proof structure
    (Deionizer sold separately)

    Built for safe use in hazardous areas

  • Organic solvent trapOrganic solvent trap

    Organic solvent trap

    Collects solvent and other substances generated inside the glove box.
    * Available in 2 types: With activated charcoal filter or With cooler

  • Clean unitClean unit

    Clean unit

    Removes particles generated inside the glove box using a HEPA/ULPA filter unit. (Down-flow type)
    * A grating covers the glove box floor.
    * The clean unit can be mounted on the rear of the glove box.

  • N₂ removerN₂ remover

    N₂ remover

    Removes N₂ from inside the glove box. (Prevents the generation of nitrides.)

  • Constant temperature controllerConstant temperature controller

    Constant temperature controller

    Keeps the environment inside the glove box at a constant temperature.

  • Carrier chamberCarrier chamber

    Carrier chamber

    Makes it possible to transport specimens under positive/negative pressure.

  • Vibration dampening standVibration dampening stand

    Vibration dampening stand

    Dampens vibrations for equipment that is sensitive to AFM/TG vibrations.

  • MicroscopeMicroscope


    Enables viewing inside the glove box. Available in 2 types: Direct magnification/observation or CCD type for viewing on an external monitor

  • Tig welderTig welder

    Tig welder

    Enables welding inside the glove box under automatic control.

  • Organic solvent refinerOrganic solvent refiner

    Organic solvent refiner

    Safely and easily heats and refines organic solvents. Keeps solvents warm.

  • DispenserDispenser


    Manufactured to customer requirements.

  • Vapor deposition unitVapor deposition unit

    Vapor deposition unit

    Manufactured to customer requirements.

  • Glass panel laminatorGlass panel laminator

    Glass panel laminator

    Manufactured to customer requirements.

  • Protective shieldProtective shield

    Protective shield

    Minimizes injury caused by glass chards if the window breaks.

  • ChairChair


    Dedicated chair designed for safety, stability and comfort

  • Clean γ irradiated glovesClean γ irradiated gloves

    Clean γ irradiated gloves

    Made for working in clean environments.
    * Not applicable for handing some substances.



    Designed and built to minimize the affects of the instrument's own vibrations, noise, air currents, etc.

  • Spare flangeSpare flange

    Spare flange

    System expansion port
    Available in various sizes

  • Image heaterImage heater

    Image heater

    Can be incorporated into the glove box to heat specimens.

  • Through pipeThrough pipe

    Through pipe

    For injecting gas from the outside

  • Vacuum pumpVacuum pump

    Vacuum pump

    Used to control pressure inside the glove box (vacuum type only) and side box. Also available in an oil-free dry scroll type.

  • Automatic pressure controller with foot switchAutomatic pressure controller with foot switch

    Automatic pressure controller with foot switch

    Keeps pressure inside the glove box constant. Drains gas via a vacuum pump when pressure is high and feeds gas when pressure is low, to keep the glove box at a constant pressure on the inside.