Clean Ovens

Epoch-making heating device of assured chemical resistance and temperature uniformity. Best device for calcining electronic elements.
This oven provides good temperature uniformity under 500°C, making it particularly suited for copper wirings and low-induction laminated insulation films.
It incorporates a special heater unit and is built to defend against corrosive gases generated from specimens.


  • Applicable for wafers of 300 mmφ and glass 370 × 470 mm
  • Good temperature uniformity in temperatures under 500°C
  • Special heater unit minimizes corrosion caused by gases generated from specimens.
  • Readily replaceable heater unit
  • Provision is made such that the sample is not contaminated by gas generated by heating.


Oven SizeW680 × D600 × H560 mm
Vacuum degree6.65Pa
Max. temp800°C
Temp. heat-up rate10°C/min
Temp. pull-down rate4°C/min
Temp. uniformityWithin ±2°C for wafer of 300 mm (at 450°C)
Atmospheric gasN₂/Ar


at 140°C

at 450°C


  • Vacuum pump protection trap
  • Oxygen analyzer for internal atmosphere monitoring (reduced pressure type)

Exhaust gas treatment equipment etc. Other, consultation separately