Gas Recycle Purification System

This gas recycling purification system is designed to recycle and purify the inert gas in the glove box by removing moisture, oxygen, organic solvent, dust and the like generated in the glove box. Oxygen can be removed by reaction with a platinum or reduced copper catalyzer. The moisture is removed by an adsorption tower. Catalyzers and adsorbents are regenerated automatically or manually. The system is available in a single unit type and double unit type with a standby unit.


Example gases that are removed from inert gases such as nitrogen, argon or helium include moisture, oxygen, CO₂ and organic gas.

Oxygen/Moisture level100 ~ 1.47 ppb or less
Dust99.97% removal of 0.3 µ size particles
Circulating air flow10 ~ 300 Nm³/hr
MaterialSUS 304
OptionN₂ removal


ppm=1×10⁻⁴, ppb=1×10⁻⁷