Reduction Furnace

This device is hydrogen reduction fireplace. A vacuum exhausts the inside of the fireplace heart pipe. H₂ is put after that. Heat-treatment can be done in the H₂ gas atmosphere.


  • A vacuum can exhaust the inside of the fireplace heart pipe.
  • Equality heat improves in the fireplace because heater control is done in 4 zone.
  • The exhaust of H? is made to burn by the heater, and it is the structure that H? isn't released in the atmosphere.


Body sizeW1075 × D800 × H713 (With stand)
Furnace tube sizeφ318.5 × 810L
Effective dimensions (Soaking range)W250 × L350 × H50
Inside finishBuffed (#400), single furnace tube
Vacuum degree6.65 Pa or less
Highest attainable temp.550°C
Temp. uniformityWithin ±5°C of normal temperature in soaking range
H2 flow … 2.5 L/min
1 hr after attaining and holding normal temperature
Heater typeExternal heating type ceramic fiber heater
Electrical capacity200 VAC φ18.0 kW
2 kW per zone
Control systemPID control (4 zones) 2 varistors per zone
Temperature heat-up rate1 hr from room temperature to 500°C (Temperature controlled)