Vacuum Electric Ovens

This high-temperature electric oven is designed to sinter and anneal metallic and ceramic specimens under high vacuum and highly pure Ar atmosphere. It is internally equipped with tungsten mesh heaters, reflectors and cooling layers. The turbo molecular pump, vacuum pump and operation panel are arranged to heat up, hold and pull down temperature and perform a host of other operations automatically.


By operating the gate valve and cylinder mounted on the pass-box, specimens can loaded/unloaded in/out the oven through the pass-box. Accordingly, operations can be executed without disturbing the oven atmosphere, thus shortening the amount of time needed to attain a high vacuum.


Degree of vacuum in the oven1.33 × 10⁻⁴pa (with no load)
Maximum Temperature1,700°C
Temp. heat-up rateWithin 100~120 min from room temperature to 1,700°C
MaterialsHeaters : Tungsten mesh heaters
Main body : SUS 304
Effective internal dimensionsφ100 × H150 mm
Cooling water20 l/min at 25°C 2 kg/cm²
Cooling timeWithin 120 min to 100°C


Heaters20 V × 30 kW (Step-down transformer used)
Turbo molecular pump200V AC × 0.48 kVA
Coarse evacuation vacuum pump200V AC × 0.75 kW